Air Pod Plant Holders

air pod plant holders are designed specifically for epiphytes - plants that grow on other objects or plants non-parasitically. These plants are also known as air plants.  They primarily absorb nutrients and moisture from the air around them.  If you live in a dry environment, your plants will require a little extra misting or soaking in water. 

But why stop there?  We are excited to also offer air pod plant holders for cacti and succulents too!  please see below for our complete collection of plant holders.


Now, how do you care for your friendly new air plant?  Like all plants, air plants need two things for survival, sunlight and water.  But air plants are unique because they do not need soil for nutrients.  Instead, they absorb their nutrients through the air around them. 

Start by giving your plant a good soak in cool water.  After a 15-minute bath, let your plant drip dry and artfully place your plant in your new air pod.  Hang or place your air pod in a place where it will receive bright indirect sunlight.   Once or twice a week, mist you plant with water, or give it a good soak every other week.

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