About Nicholas Newcomb Pottery & Sculpture
Nicholas Newcomb Pottery & Sculpture is committed to offering handmade ceramic items to a wide audience. This means working with talented designers, artists and thinkers in collaboration on projects based in ceramic materials.
Currently, Nicholas is focused on developing simple tableware and home accessories with an emphasis on craft and hand-made. Each item is handmade in Brooklyn, NY using traditional ceramic techniques.
Stay-tuned for limited edition collaboration projects.
About Nicholas
Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Nicholas fell in love with all things natural and beautiful. Surrounded by talented friends and family, making art became the obvious life path. Today, Nicholas is happily making objects out of clay in the city that feeds his heart and mind, New York City.
Nicholas' work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums.  He has worked and studied with many artists including renowned ceramics artist Toshiko Takaezu and other highly acclaimed artists, sculptors, and designers such as Leslie Ferst, Regis Brodie, William Hardy, and Christopher Spitzmiller. 
All of Nicholas' ceramic pieces are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.  Each piece is unique and highlights the natural idiosyncrasies of handmade ceramics.                                                  
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